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Favorite Quote from a client

ďI come to you with a half-baked idea, and you come back with exactly what I need.Ē

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The more I learn about a clientís business, the better the database I build.† I should be able to talk about the processes as if I could do the work myself.† I can then put myself in the userís place and draw on my experience for ideas to make the database and its user interface the best tool possible for my client.†

Most databases change over time.† There may be new reporting requirements from management or government agencies, a change in the business process, or even just a new idea for a time-saving feature.† Sometimes the client wants to spread the cost over time, so I add new features gradually.†

When my clients need changes made, the same person comes back to do the work.† Iíll remember a great deal about the business and the database we created.† A larger firm canít guarantee the same programmer will be available when you want to re-design a report, add a new feature, or rearrange a data entry screen.

I keep the potential for change in mind when programming a database.† I want to be the clientís partner for the long-term life of the database.

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