Rainbow Consulting has developed custom database systems for many types of businesses and non-profit organizations, such as:

Banks                                                                      Pet Food & Animal Feed Manufacturer

Brokers for metals and transportation          Precision Machining

Business Associations & Magazines               Promotional Items Manufacturer

Electric Power Generation                                Public Television

Financial Analysts & Advisors                          Telecommunications

Home Builder                                                       Training—Corporate & Community Service

I’ve been building Access databases since version 1.0.  I quit counting after working on 200 databases.  Some of them were small specialty systems and some have grown over the years to support most areas of the client’s business.  They include:

¨ Specialty engineering calculations & reporting

¨ Data warehouses: pull data from corporate systems, format, & convert measurements

¨ Automated exports to Excel, including detailed formatting and graphs

¨ Automated emails, such as notices when new data is added or is out of bounds

¨ Creating Outlook tasks to remind users to follow up, using data entered in the database

¨ Automated data importing, such as mailing lists and forecasts

Got a tricky and complicated project?  Bring it to me!

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Second Favorite Quote from a client

“Having a custom database gave me an edge over my competition, many of whom I’ve outlasted.”

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